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Micro Bubble Foam Fundraiser
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Brown Jr. Public School
Micro Bubble Foam Fundraiser
Tuesday, June 25th 2024

Let others know!  Support your school!

Welcome!! Thanks for stopping by! 

We have a super exciting fundraiser coming up and would love your support!

We are bubbling with excitement to announce that our school is hosting a fabulous Foam Fundraiser! We'll be jumping into a foam-filled extravaganza, along with beats of the best kid-friendly music, as we raise funds to support our school in a fun and unforgettable way!

We need the support of our family
and friends to reach our goal!

With help from everyone, we will achieve it! Together we are raising money to update our technology inventory at Brown. Students have been challenged to raise $20 for our Micro Bubble Foam Fundraiser.

Parents, Family Members, and Friends

Online donations are available through School Cash Online. We want to thank you for your support!  If you can SHARE this page, you can let even more people know about this event to help our school!!


Below you can make music requests! Make fun requests!! Since you're here, SHARE this page with family and friends! It only takes a click to help get even MORE donations!!


This is a water event! Students, please bring a change of clothes and a towel to school on our event day of June 25th!

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