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When will we be adding your school to our list??
Holy Trinity - Guelph

★★★★★ - The kids had a blast!  They loved being able to purchase glow light objects.  The whole school conga line was great and the music was kid appropriate.  Thanks for a wonderful time!

WT Townsend - Kitchener

★★★★★ - Great event!!

Willow Landing - Barrie

Smooth booking and all lead up events.  Communication very timely and super friendly and accommodating.  We love how simple Professor Jamz makes the process and how much fun and energy they bring each and every year!.  Professor Scott is a fantastic match for our school and we love how he adapts to each age group.  Great feedback from the students and our staff.  

Laurelwood - Waterloo

Thank you for a great event! The kids had a great time. 

Mill Valley - Toronto


Boyne River - Aliston

Amazing Event! Thank you so much again.

Sir William Stevenson - Whitby


Julie Payette - Whitby

★★★★★ - Always a great day!

Pinegrove - Oakville

We were very happy with our event.  "Professor Jamz" had amazing energy and dance moves and was able to really motivate the kids and get them moving.  Songs and volume levels were completely appropriate. Thank you so much for everything!  

Norway - Toronto


McKenzie-Smith Bennett - Acton


Glenview - Burlington


Claireville - Toronto


Glendale - Brampton


Brown - Toronto

★★★★★ These funds will be used by the Brown Parent Council towards future events and needs for our students!

Plum Tree - Mississauga

The students had a GREAT time and all raves about it after.  The Cosmic Store was very popular and really added to the experience. Very easy and profitable fundraiser. 

Vincent Massey - Oshawa

Kids had a blast. Everything ran smoothly!

Thank you so much for a great event.

St John - Toronto


Duke of Connaught - Toronto

★★★★★ We plan to purchase technology, sports equipment and programs, and classroom enrichment items.

Silver Creek - Georgetown

★★★★★ Thank you for a wonderful event.  Fun had by all the kids.

Holy Family - Bolton


St Josephine Bakhita - Brampton


Laurie Hawkins - Ingersoll

Our DJ was amazing, was very polite, interacted well with our kids, play appropriate music for each crowd ! The kids had a blast!!

Our Lady of Lourdes - Elmvale

We had a wonderful event. We raised more than double from our previous years!!!

Parnall - St Catharines

It was well organized and the students really enjoyed themselves.

All Saints - Mississauga

It was a great event! Well organized and well executed. 

Laurie Hawkins - Ingersoll

Thanks again for another great dance-A-thon!

Norway Junior - Toronto

It was lots of fun and the kids really enjoyed it!

Irma Coulson - Milton

Thanks again for another great dance-A-thon!

Our Lady of Lourdes - Toronto

You were wonderful as always!  Big hit again this year.

Romeo Dallaire - Ajax

Our students loved the Dance-a-thon! Thank you so much for your help with all of it!

Lord Roberts - Scarborough

The event was excellent last Thursday! Staff and students really enjoyed it, and the DJ did an excellent job, and made it really fun for them. We hope to invite you back next year for our second annual Ultra Neutron dance-a-thon!

JR Wilcox - Toronto

Thank you so much for everything. Staff, Students and our SAC truly appreciated this. It was a great day, a great fundraiser and once again you were wonderful to work with. I'm already looking forward to next year. 

Lester B Pearson - Waterloo

A great day!!  Students had a blast!  Thanks for leading them in the FUN!

Memorial - Hamilton

The student had a great time and enjoyed themselves immensely!


Pioneer Park - Kitchener

We had a fantastic day!

Bond Lake - Richmond Hill

Students and staff had a great time!!!

Roch Carrier - Stratford

The staff, students, and every single person at this event had TONNES of fun!! It was fabulous! And seeing Prof Jamz get out on the dance floor with the kids was great too! Great event...again, as always!

Woodville - Woodville

The event when well. I am very happy with the amount of money we raised as well. Thank you for your support of Woodville Elementary School.

Whaley's Corner - Brampton

We had a great time and will do it again next year.

John Dryden - Whitby

It was a fun day.  All the kids had a good time and the glow table was a big hit.

Rickson Ridge - Guelph

Scott was amazing!!! Teachers all gave positive feedback as well. Thank you very much!! 

Captain R Wilson - Oakville

Today was awesome!

Groh - Kitchener

This was a great event! Our students, staff and parents had wonderful things to say. The music was hip and relevant and the older songs helped engage the students with the actions (ie. Macarena, Electric Slide etc.). The logistics of hosting our first move-a-thon was easy to follow and we appreciated the reminder emails to prioritize our tasks and next steps. 

Lorne Park - Mississauga

The event was a huge success in so many ways. Thanks again! 

Lawfield - Hamilton

We love this annual event at Lawfield!

Westvale - Kitchener

Very professionally run....the kids had a great time and the music was perfect for all the different ages that attended the event!!!

Glenview - Burlington

The students loved the event and always have a fun time! 

Laurelwood - Waterloo

Thank you so much for an amazing fundraiser!  The kids all had a wonderful time!

Blair Street - Cambridge

Thanks to another great fundraiser.  The kids had a fantastic time and compared to other fundraisers, this is WAAAAY less work for us, and the kids get the reward along with the school.  Awesome!

Tavistock - Tavistock

The kids love this event! The experience is always wonderful working with Professor Jamz.  Thank you! 

McMurrich - Toronto

We love the dance-a-thon and it is a top fundraiser for our school. P Jamz's turn key fundraising solutions makes the event easy to execute and the kids look forward to it every year! Thanks again Robert and Scott. 

Lincoln Avenue - Ajax

Great! The students loved it. 

St Albert - Toronto

Everything was wonderful.  Colin our DJ was friendly and professional and the students really liked him.  We'd gladly have him back.  We will definitely be booking you again for next year.  Thank you for everything!

Canadian Martyrs - Toronto

Kids had a blast!

Burnt Elm - Brampton

Everything was great!  The kids enjoyed.

Norman G Powers - Oshawa

Overall I would say our event was a pretty big success. The students had a great time.

Boyne River - Alliston

Thank you so much! Feedback has been amazing. We loved it

Julie Payette - Whitby

Great feedback from kids and parents. Event was a great success! Thank you!

St Paul - Guelph


Sir Ernest MacmIllan - Burlington

Once again the kids had a blast!

Sunningdale - Oakville

The glow items were a huge hit, along with the mix of songs played, and engagement from the students.  Thanks for making it such a fun day!!

Wilberforce - Lucan

It was amazing as always today! Thank you. 

Winchester - Woodstock

The kids had a great afternoon , thank you for working with us. 

Westacres - Mississauga

It was another fantastic day --we will be booking again soon for next year!

Glendale - Brampton

Great organization, corporation - EVERYTHING was well put together!

Bowmore Road - Toronto


Prueter - Kitchener

Kids had a blast and loved Scott!

Pilgrim Wood - Oakville

The kids loved it and lots of positive feedback from parents too! 

Northlea - Toronto

Thank you again for all your hard work!  We are thrilled!

Tom Longboat - Toronto

Fantastic day. 

St John - Toronto

Another incredible day. Thank you so much! 

Claireville - Toronto

Awesome, thank you so much! The whole school had a whole lot of fun and DJ Mike was great!

Holy Family - Bolton

Thank you! Everything went well! Your son did an amazing job! Everyone was really happy with the dance.

Silver Creek - Georgetown

The kids had a great time. We love your services!

St Edmund - Mississauga

Everyone enjoyed their time! We really enjoyed having Michael as the Dj he was great and took requests from some of the kids which was awesome!

St Josephine Bakhita - Brampton

★★★★★ Thank you for another great event!

Emily Carr - Oakville

The event itself was an absolute success and a great day for the school. 

Southside - Woodstock

Another great fundraiser!  Super easy and super fun.. It's the one we love doing the most! 

Highland - Cambridge

What an amazing day.
The kids had an amazing time and the staff loved to watch their students having a great time with peers. Thanks for a great day!

Sir Ernest Macmillan - Burlington

The event was great!​

Winchester - Brooklin

Hands down the funnest fundraiser we do all year. You do an awesome job of engaging the kids and they love it every year!!

River Height - Dorchester


Forest Park - St Thomas

we LOVE this event!!!  It is our favourite fundraiser year after year!!!

Alexander Muir - Newmarket

All the students loved the event!  Thanks

Westvale - Kitchener

Another successful year for the students at Westvale.......thanks for the all the fun!!!

Wilmington - Toronto

Thank you again for a fantastic dance-a-thon!! Students loved it and are still talking about it!

Birch Cliff - Toronto

All the students had a wonderful time and it was very well organized.  Thank you

JR Wilcox - Toronto

This was an amazing event. I truly appreciate your excellent ongoing communication as well as your effort at the event itself. 

Our Lady of Lourdes - Toronto


Crestview - Kitchener

Kids had a great time!

Dewson - Toronto

★★★★★ The event was amazing and went so smoothly.

Tait Street - Cambridge

First, thank you for another awesome day! Staff and students all had an enjoyable time. We loved the online option provided. It helped maximize last minute pledges, but minimized the work for volunteers on the day. Thank you again, we cannot wait for next year!! Mandi

Britannia - Mississauga

We were very happy with Scott, his energy and enthusiasm.  He was good with the kids, and handled the additional task of announcing prize winners and handing out prizes.  We liked using the programmable bracelets a lot!

Irma Coulson - Milton

★★★★★ - The event was fantastic! Kids love Scott. Robert is always very helpful leading up to the event and answering all our questions.
We look forward to next year! The fundraiser was a huge success!

Huronia - Elmvale


West Glen - Toronto

We loved it! Looking forward to next year! 

Mary Johnston - Kitchener


Laurelwood - Kitchener

We had a great time at our fundraiser - the kids had a blast! 

Pioneer Park - Kitchener

Was such a great day and we had the best DJ!!!  Interacted with the kids to make it more fun.

Crestview - Toronto


Bond Lake - Richmond Hill

Everyone had so much fun!! We will do this again next year!

Clifton - Mississauga

The move-a-thon was a huge success! The kids loved it!

Tweedsmuir - London

The children loved the dance-a-thon and all the volunteers involved said this was the easiest fundraiser ever to organize. Thanks for your guidance and understanding of our special needs children. Our success with this fundraiser was totally because of your expertise!

St Vincent de Paul - Cambridge

It was amazing !!!

Lawfield - Hamilton


Faywood - Toronto

★★★★★ -  Was great.  As usual :)

John Dryden - Whitby

Another fantastic dance-a-thon!  Everyone had a wonderful time - the music - the videos - the light show!  Everything was amazing. Thank you.

Wilton Grove - London

We had a great time with Professor Jamz! The students loved it and we raised far more than we ever had with a dance fundraiser before!

Burnt Elm - Brampton


Blair Road - Cambridge

We found the dance-a-thon was a great success and your company was easy to work with.  The kids had a blast and the fact that the workload was light, was beneficial to us.

Regal Road - Toronto

Scott was great! All the kids had a great time! The store was a huge success! We sold everything! Which was great because our cash totals were much lower this year than in previous years!

Rosedale Heights - Vaughan

Crossland - Newmarket

Today was a big hit thanks to a group of wonderfully dedicated volunteers and your staff.

St. Joachim - Toronto

I liked everything about it. It was easy for us at the school and most importantly, the kids loved it. Thanks for a great fundraiser.

Ecole Catholique Pape-Francois - Stouffville

McMurrich - Toronto

I so love working with Professor Jamz and am impressed year over year by the outstanding turn key fundraising model you offer.

Elizabeth Ziegler - Waterloo

Thanks for another great year!

FInch - Toronto

The staff and children really enjoyed it. Thank-you!

Country Hills - Kitchener

Memorial - Hamilton

As usual, the event was excellent!

Beverly Glen - Toronto

Silver Creek - Georgetown

Another year, another huge success.  Great feedback from the Kindergarten teachers on how he brought the classes in via circle and playing "hokey pokey"...that was great...and the grade 1/2, lining them up while dancing to exit - was also great.  

Franklin - Kitchener

Another year, another huge success.  Great feedback from the Kindergarten teachers on how he brought the classes in via circle and playing "hokey pokey"...that was great...and the grade 1/2, lining them up while dancing to exit - was also great.  

Norman G. Powers - Oshawa

It was a fantastic day, everyone had a blast! [Professor] Ron was wonderful, the kids (and teachers) had a blast, and we had lots of positive feedback!

Aurora Heights - Aurora

We had a great day!  The DJ was excellent and the kids had a blast.

St Paul - Guelph

awesome as usual!!! 

Southfields - Caledon

Michael was a pleasure to have as our host on Valentine's Day.  He was there early to set-up and he stayed after to set-down.  He was good with the kids as well.  Last year, the music volume was an issue for some of the students and teachers.  This year, Michael was courteous to tone it down for the younger kids and adjusted volume as needed.

Tavistock - Tavistock

We had another great event this year!
Feedback from the students and the teachers were very positive and the bonus of being a successful fundraiser!
Thank you again for another great success! 

Pine Grove - Oakville

This was a great event!  

Laurelwood - Waterloo

Our students enjoyed the move a thon.

Howard - Toronto

Pringle Creek - Whitby

Everything was great, thank you!

Regent Park - Orillia
★★★★★ (We will tell other schools in our area)

Palermo - Oakville

Always easier to run the Dance A Thon with support from Professor Jamz with regards to staying organized and ensuring students have a great time!  One of our favourite events held at our school!

Harrison - Georgetown

You guys are always outstanding and very accommodating! 

Willowbrook - Thornhill

Our students had a great time!  Thank you!

Westacres - Mississauga

It was a great day!

Roch Carrier - Woodstock

It went great and everybody was really happy and having fun!!!!


Robert Baldwin - Milton

Kids had a great time, thank you!

Prueter - Kitchener

We love having Scott as our DJ. The kids love him!

we are all warm and squishy... feeling the looooooooooooove

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