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You will feel like a hero bringing us to your school!
We are so proud of our program...
book us to see why your students will say this is the BEST DAY EVER!!

Professor Jamz

School Dance Fundraiser

The best fundraising day ever. Period.

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A professionally run Professor Jamz fundraiser
makes MORE money for your school.

1) First. Don't take our word.

We work tirelessly to earn the amazing reviews you can read from our clients:
Click to read our reviews

2) I'm getting excited, tell me more!

Send through a booking form or call us!  (905) 454-2609 anytime!

3) It's SUPER easy! (the quick rundown. Whats expected by you)

- Choose a date
- Approve the pledge form
- Event day - LET'S PARTY!!
- Count loads of money (The week after is fine. We'll invoice)
- Book for next year!

Back at the lab we keep the whole event organized. Automatic emails will arrive keeping everything perfect & running smoothly. We look after the little details too.

Ultra neutron School Fundraiser = dance-A-thon 2.0

We are... a fun, High-tech, social, fully adaptable
to make this an over the top rememberable
fundraiser for you students, each year.

The Professor's Package

  • 20 minute blast-off assembly in gym 

  • customized pledge cards

  • promotional posters

  • morning announcements

  • crisp, booming sound system

  • fun and interactive host

  • full lighting set-up 

  • cosmic store at your event (optional)

New this year...

  • Custom web site specifically for your school event***Your school***

  • Custom Online donation form -
    Pre-filled with your school information!

  • Custom music request form for students
    Pre-filled with your school information!

All of this equals


more money


more excitement

 more fun

 ...and less stress!

We are a preferred TDSB Vender
-- Presswood Entertainment --

Frequently asked questions

We know that booking a fundraiser for your school might seem overwhelming. You might have a few questions. Luckily, over the past 22 years of hosting events at schools just like yours, we've heard EVERY question possible. Below is a list of the most frequently asked ones. Just click on the question to open and reveal the answer.

  • Why should we book Professor Jamz?
    We are the original! We have the experience, the results and the professionalism to make your fundraiser soar. Over the years, we have perfected the school fundraising formula. From the moment we arrive to host your kick-off assembly, your kids will see the Professor's green bow tie and white lab coat - he will become a celebrity around your school! We know that when students are excited for the event, they raise more money! There is no fundraising program raising more money for schools than ours. And your kids matter! Other programs make great claims, but then at the event play explicit lyrics for younger students or inappropriate videos for students. We take great pride in our program and take our responsibility to your students seriously.
  • Isn't this just another dance-a-thon event?
    Nope! We are the original provider of professional dance-a-thon events. The very first in our industry! We can tell you that nobody else in the industry offers all of the components of our unique program. The magic happens in the totality of how our program is offered, from the lovable Professor Jamz character to the excitement generated by our kick-off assemblly and student interaction, the quality of the event itself and the on-line donation system... all of the pieces come together to generate unsurpassed fundraising. We are not outperformed by any other company in the industry. Neon green bow ties and lab coats distinguish us, the kids know who we are! We have over a 90% rebooking rate each year and make it a memorable event for your school. Most importantly, you will earn far higher profits with our program.
  • Can't we just do it ourselves? Or hire just a DJ?
    Sometimes a school will hire a DJ company to host their dance-a-thon or they might do it in-house using a teacher or student. Sure. It's possible to do so... but... it directly translates to their fundraising total. They've never come close to raising more money than our program. Let's compare: When you run the event yourself​: - You look after everything - You keep 100% of the proceeds - Student enjoyment is definitely lower - The money raised is definitely lower Ultimately, you're keeping 100% of a heck of a lot less money! Your students will remember the event as being kind of meh, okay at best, and the following year the fundraising will dwindle even lower. In house events might raise a few hundred dollars... even $1,000-$2,000, but what if your school has the potential to be raising $15,000? It's false economics to save money by reducing the quality of the event. It takes money to make money! Having a Professor Jamz event​ - blast-off assembly in gym - customized pledge cards - promotional posters - morning announcements - custom web site - on-line donation system - on-line music request system - glow bracelets (or incentives) - full or half day event - fun and interactive host - crisp, booming sound system - full lighting set-up -You keep 80% of the money - You earn 40% of the Cosmic Store sales and we supply all of the merchandise at no obligation to you! - Student enjoyment if off the charts! - The money raised - unsurpassed The following year, the kids will be emailing us directly asking when Professor Jamz can return to their school! The excitement is very high and there is a certain brand recognition when Professor Jamz returns!!
  • Can you run through the pricing again?
    Our fee is a percentage of the funds raised - we work our hearts out to maximize your fundraising results and it will show in your outcome! Example - School selects the full-day Professor Jamz dance-A-thon Our fee is 20% +hst (min. $950 - max. $2000) Let's see how this plays out: a) The school earns less than $950. - this has never happened in our 18+ years of offering this program - not even by our smallest schools! - if it were to happen, the students would enjoy the best event of the school year and our fee would be the amount raised, however the school would not have been profitable b) The school earns between $950 and $4250 - our fee would be $950 +hst c) The school earns between $4751 and $10,000 - our fee would be 20% +hst d) The school earns over $10,001... - this happens often! - our fee would be $2,000+hst We want your fundraiser to be off-the-charts fabulous! We want you to love it and re-book with us annually. When we launch your fundraising success above your wildest expectations, the extra money we raise for your school more than covers our fee, which is what creates our loyal client base and earns our clients praise.
  • Wait, why do you take a percent of the money raised?
    We are a percent based program, but hear us out! 20% is the lowest percent charged by any fundraiser offered in elementary schools We raise unsurpassed funds for your school, and our fee will be more than covered by the tons of extra money generated by our program. This fact is evidenced by our extremely high rebooking rate by our clients each year! We make ourselves available after hours and accomodate requests with friendliness and flexibility We are invested in the success of your fundraiser and will stop at nothing to see you succeed! We care about your event, and want to see your fundraising totals soar. This just isn't true of a DJ you hire to run your event. That person does not have the capacity to influence your fundraising outcome like we do. Everything is included in our unique program. We don't nickel or dime over your needs during the campaign or have restrictions. We never charge travel fees for the GTA, Halton, or Niagara areas. We like to think of ourselves as the ultimate event planners for your fundraiser and we know our results are unsurpassed in the industry There is no risk of initial outlay, we provide everything that is needed and once the event is completed and the money has been tallied, we charge back a percent We include on-line donations at no charge to you. We absorb the expense of hosting a safe secure site to gather your on-line donations. We cover all the credit card fees and bank fees associated with gathering on-line donations. As your fundraiser gains huge momentum and the on-line pledges come rolling in, the fees associated with each transaction mound up. It stands to reason that the fundraisers that have generated the most on-line money, (and thereby the greatest fees) have a higher fee associated with them to help offset these costs. We are excited to include a custom web page for your fundraiser. (**YOUR SCHOOL**) We have more and more families donating by credit card, and your custom web page will help spread the word about your event and give easy options for out of town family and friends to donate to the cause. This makes a huge impact in your fundraising total! We earn our invitation to host our event at your school each and every year by our results. Also, we're pretty great people to work with if we do say so ourselves.
  • We should book this on Halloween or Valentine's Day, right?
    These are by far the two most requested days for hosting our event. We have a different perspective... Halloween and Valentine's are the most magical days for elementary students, no doubt. But why combine the most special day with the most special event? We believe in stretching out the fun! A bleary Tuesday in January? No one expects to have something so special to brighten up an otherwise quiet month and light up the school spirit. Our program will be the most treasured day of the school year. There is no wrong time to host our event! That being said, make sure you space out your fundraising initiatives! A breather between campaigns gives everyone renewed enthusiasm and generosity.
  • I feel unclear about a few details...
    We hope our website gives a clear picture to you of what we're about, how we accomplish it and who we are as people. But sometimes you just want to chat with a real person to get the vibe of our program and our company. Please call us... any time! There is no question too small or too big. You'll be chatting with Olivia and she will answer all your questions... even ones you haven't thought of yet! Ask us about the fundraising totals in your area! It's a great way to get a feel for what exciting money-making bliss is coming your way! We are here at the Music Lab, (our office!) awaiting your call - (905) 454-2609
Our information / pricing can be emailed, just use the form below. We're happy to reply to you quickly!


Here's the plan...

1) Book / inquire your date using the form below

2) Two weeks before the kick off assembly, approval the pledge form

3) Let's celebrate, count money & feel proud that you helped your school 

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