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Did you know that our
program could be run
with just ONE volunteer!

Professor Jamz

The best fundraising day ever. period.

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Thank you for considering us for your school's fundraiser!


We are so proud of our program!


With over 20 years of educational fundraising experience, Professor Jamz has raised over $17 million for schools across Ontario.  


To learn more about us and our philosophy for stress-free FUNraising at your school, read on...


See you on the dance floor!


Stress Free Fundraising
Our program is priced to make this a successful fundraiser for the school. If the funds raised are lower than our package price, then the amount owing to us would be the amount raised. Your bill will never be more than the funds raised by this event. Furthermore, you'll raise so much MORE money using our program that your bill will be entirely covered by the surplus funds we raise for you.


Options: as much or as little support as you require


We have a diverse clientele - some schools have teams of volunteers, some schools literally have one incredibly kind and giving volunteer who is seriously over-taxed.
We offer the complete package:

* kick off assembly in your gym

* pledge cards and money collection bags or money collection slotted envelopes

* morning announcements

* posters

* incentives

* full hosting including all sound and lighting equipment

There is very little required from the school with this program and the quality of all of the steps of event planning come together to earn your school unsurpassed income.  Our rate will be covered in the extra revenue we generate!
The beauty of our programs is that we offer as much or as little help as you want and need.  We also offer a 1/2 day dance-A-thon event for smaller schools.   Or the seriously upgraded video dance-A-thon full day event for those wanting to make a splash and make our event the hit of the school year!



Steps Along The Way


* Book your date 
* Secure your booking with $100 deposit  
* Robert will be in touch every single step of the way to organize and customize your event



Stages Of Your Campaign


1.  The prep.

From the moment you choose your date, we will be in touch to begin the planning.  This is your event and we will customize every aspect of it to make it just right for your school.  Along the way, we will be checking in, adding notes to your event file and asking all the right questions to plan.  The best news? We always save your event file for next year to save you time when re-organizing it! The best-er news? We won't allow any aspect of the event planning to slip between the cracks.  


2.  The assembly. 

Two weeks before the big day we will host a 20 minute assembly in your gym to pump up the excitement and distribute the pledge cards.  We bring everything to kick off the campaign right! custom pledge forms, posters, announcement, incentives & store items. 


3.  The wait.

Posters are up. Announcements are played each morning.  Your students are requesting music on-line and raising money.  


4.  The big day.

Big sound. Awesome lights. Fantastic music, (edited in-house to be kid-appropriate, of course!)


5.  The end. Send us your total raised and we'll put together an itemized invoice. See you next year!



Our hosts are AVLA certified
We are experts in Children's Entertainment
We are fully insured with up-to-date Criminal Record Checks
Rave reviews and references in EVERY school board
We offer on-line donations at no extra cost
Flexibility and attention to detail

Our Package...

full day dance-A-thon event *

20% (min $950 - max $2000) 

1/2 day dance-A-thon event

20% (min $750 - max $1500)

*if a school was to raise less than the minimum of the package,
(it has never happened) then our fee would be what was raised.

You can only make money on our fundraiser.

  • blast-off assembly in gym 

  • customized pledge cards

  • promotional posters

  • morning announcements

  • on-line donation system

  • on-line music request system

  • dance-A-thon day

  • fun and interactive host

  • crisp, booming sound system

  • full lighting set-up 

  • cosmic store at your event
    - earn 40% of the sales**!

We've been doing this a while now. We know that we have the best school fundraiser. Our "20%" is WAY ABOVE & over then if you decide to "host" your own event, or hire "just a dj" or I can't believe I'll say this, get a teacher or students to DJ?? Really? And when you make that spectacular money with us, continue the tradition. A few schools think they can repeat our fabulous dance-A-thon fundraiser on their own, to "save money", they can't, they only raise less. We have schools book year after year, with great success and the best and easiest fundraiser with Professor Jamz.
If you need just a GREAT DJ,
we have that over at 

Just one option...

Cosmic Store

When we dj the event - we bring a wonderful selection of light up items for the kids to purchase at the event.


Items sell between $1-$5. school keep about 40% of sales.


No product to buy & we take back unsold items!

Our information / pricing can be mailed, just contact us. We're happy to reply to you quickly!
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