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We have a super awesome fundraiser coming up and would love your support!

Parents, family members, & friends - Online donations are available below, and we want to thank you for your support.  If you can SHARE this page, you can let even more people know about our event to help our school!!

Students - Below you can make music requests! Make fun requests!! And since you're here, share this page with family & friends, only takes a click to help & get even MORE donations!!

Professor Jamz's
Ultra Neutron School Fundraiser
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Maplehurst Public School
Ultra Neutron School Fundraiser – March 6th 2020

Let others know!  Support your school!

We are thrilled to announce that our school is hosting our annual Ultra Neutron School Fundraiser! Filled with spectacular lighting and the best kid-appropriate music, we are going to move and groove our way to raising needed funds to help our school!

We need the support of our family
and friends to reach our goal!


With help from everyone, we will achieve it! Students have been challenged to raise at least $25 for our Ultra Neutron Fundraising Event.


The money will be used to support many aspects of our school environment such as special events, programs and new technology for the school.

How to make a Dance-a-thon donation on School Cash Online

  1. Log in to School Cash Online (https://hdsb.schoolcashonline.com).  

  2. From the Home page, select ITEMS

  3. Select Make a Donation

  4. Complete the donation information






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