cosmic store

We are thrilled to offer your Students the perfect addition to your Ultra Neutron dance-A-thon - the Cosmic Store!!  Items of your choosing are provided by us and sold for $1- $5 right at your event.


The items not only look great under the rainbow lighting used at the dance-A-thon, but also offer students a fun take-home souvenir of this special event.  The Professor will make sure that all students will receive a free glow bracelet, so everyone is included in the fun!


The Cosmic Store items are easy to sell!  All you really need are a few volunteers and a table.  The items are priced to earn your school tons of money!  Adding the Cosmic Store to your event will really boost your overall fundraising.  The money you earn from the Cosmic Store is pure profit for your school - you keep 40% of what's raised!!

  That added money is not included in the 20% commission to Presswood. 


Don’t have 1-2 volunteers to help host the Cosmic Store?  Your Lab Assistant can help sell a modified store of up to two different items right in your dance-A-thon. Our goal is to help you maximize your fundraising.  In some cases, the money earned at the Cosmic Store has covered the full cost of the event. That’s right - if your Cosmic Store sells enough items, your Professor Jamz dance-A-thon could be completely paid for by the proceeds of your Cosmic Store!

0 25 Glow Bracelet
5 Colour Bracelet
5 Disco
5 Sound
4 Bead necklace
2 Head Band
3 Ring
4 Snap light up